Right …

I’ve been stuck in Brussels since Feb!
I came for a knee operation and stayed.

The Belgian Government, which is equivalent to an amateur club, dealt with the corona virus like dummies.

It’s “funny”, at the beginning of the Covid crisis I have been told by some doctors that Israel was overreacting to the situation.

Well “funny”, say that to the thousands of dead and their families.

So I placed orders for the shop via WhatsApp, and got delivered the new collection two days before having to close …

Clients called me to see how I was doing, it touched me so much that I wanted to go home even more.

Here it’s a real mess, and no one gets the directives. One example among so many:

The government, champion in non-communication, contempt and incompetence, has declared that families could gather in groups of 4 and always the same.

This led to a barrage of stupid or legitimate questions.

What if we are a family of 5? What if we are a blended family? and what about the polygamists?

Boutiques can reopen, but one in two, or for the commercial thoroughfares, one side yes one side no.

Long waiting queues have started.

In front of a famous Brussels chip shop, I said a chip shop, a queue like an endless day.

What is certain is that this dreadful situation has not dampened anyone’s appetite.

As the saying goes ” When appetite goes, anything goes!”? Oh, and by the way,

The boutique reopened this week, with the faithful Svetlana, customers are thrilled.

It opens from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, every day.